Classroom - Pedagogy of Text20.01.2015 – Millions of children around the world are unable to go to school or have to leave it before having acquired the basic skills they will need as adults. In many regions of the globe, teachers are poorly trained and infrastructure, teaching and learning materials and supplies are insufficient.
Enfants du Monde makes up for this lack of access and quality by offering a basic education of quality to those children who never went to school or that left it too early.   

Educational programmes supported by Enfants du Monde apply the pedagogical approach known as “Pedagogy of Text” (PoT), a method that encourages active participation in class so that the student can learn to think for himself and find solutions to problems. PoT breaks away from the educational methods of many developing countries by moving away from learning based on mechanical repetition without understanding and learning by heart.

Teachers working with the PoT approach offer a bilingual education (in the local language and in the country’s official one) that provides both theoretical and practical knowledge relevant to the children’s everyday lives. The results are overwhelming: children attend school more frequently, do better in their studies, and drop out much less. More importantly, these are young people who at the end of their five-year studies are able to read, write, and do math and who, above all, have the key to face up the challenges of adult life and succeed.

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