Brice Duffour, Swiss artist-sculptor, bassist and music lover, has spent several years writing a biography of Jermaine Jackson, brother of Michael Jackson, which has just been published. He will donate all the profits from the sale to Enfants du Monde.

A decisive artistic encounter

I have long been interested in the life and career of Jermaine Jackson, whom I have met on several occasions since 1993 in the United States, in France as well as in Switzerland.

I consider Jermaine Jackson to be a precursor in his field, with his own musical and artistic identity, and many assets. He is the spearhead of a talented family.

This biography is a chronological synthesis of his entire life, an in-depth work for which I was able to meet and interview some thirty staff members who contributed to his career, thus allowing me to shed even more light on a rich and interesting artistic work. This is the first time that a biography has been entirely dedicated to him.



Jermaine Jackson & Brice Duffour © Photo Karen GouaidaJermaine Jackson & Brice Duffour © Karen Gouaida 
Jermaine Jackson Biography, Cover © Brice DuffourJermaine Jackson Biography, Cover © Brice Duffour

A generous and committed author

Once his writing was completed, Brice Duffour had to find a publisher and take the financial risks of printing, hoping that sales would generate a profit that he decided to donate entirely to Enfants du Monde to finance our actions in favour of education and health for disadvantaged children.

I am happy to have chosen to donate the profits from the sales of this book to Enfants du Monde, whose actions I appreciate, and I am delighted that my project will help the organisation in its work in different parts of the world.

We warmly thank Mr. Duffour for his generosity and wish this biography of Jermaine Jackson to be a great publishing success!

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