Rapport Annuel 2019 | Couverture | FRThe COVID-19 pandemic caused a global crisis in education and health systems hitting already fragile countries even harder. Our health and education programmes faced many challenges!
Enfants du Monde adapted rapidly to reduce the impact of this crisis on our beneficiaries, babies, children, young people and pregnant women.
Below we share the main key figures of our activities. None of this would have been possible without your support: on behalf of the children, mothers-to-be, and young mothers benefitting from our programmes, thank you!

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Continuing to protect pregnant women and their babies: a priority

In 2020, the COVID-19 crisis hit the countries where we work, adversely affecting health systems which were already fragile and populations living in precarious conditions. Enfants du Monde responded to the pandemic with its local partners and the Ministries of Health in Burkina Faso, Bangladesh, Haiti and El Salvador to continue improving maternal and child health during the health crisis.

Rapport Annuel 2020 | Chiffres-clés santé | Femmes enceintesRapport Annuel 2020 | Chiffres-clés santé | Agents de santéRapport Annuel 2020 | Chiffres-clés santé | Pays d'intervention

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Adapting teaching and learning to ensure a quality education

COVID-19 caused a global crisis in education, hitting countries with already fragile education systems even harder. In 2020, school closures impacted the learning, the well-being and the safety of children as well as access to essential school services such as canteens and vaccination. Within its education programmes* in Burkina Faso, Guatemala, Niger and Chad, Enfants du Monde adapted its activities to the local situation so as to continue education for students and training for teaching staff.
*including mandates undertaken for the Swiss and French Cooperation

Rapport Annuel 2020 | Chiffres-clés éducation | ElèvesRapport Annuel 2020 | Chiffres-clés éducation | EnseignantsRapport Annuel 2020 | Chiffres-clés éducation | Pays d'intervention

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Education in children’s rights

Enfants du Monde implemented two educational projects in Swiss classrooms on children’s rights and on sustainable development. The project A Fairer World culminated in taking part in an event on the World Children's Right, and the project Young Reporters enabled children to present their rights in their own way through photos, video, audio or written texts.

Rapport Annuel 2020 | Chiffres-clés sensibilisation | EDD Rapport Annuel 2020 | Chiffres-clés sensibilisation | Pays d'intervention

For more information on our education programmes on children’s rights, click here.

Budget and use of funds

Rapport Annuel 2020 | Chiffres-clés financiers | BudgetIn 2020, the volume of Enfants du Monde’s activities and the amount of its funding has never been so high with a total budget of 12,900,878 CHF.

Mandates for education programmes in Africa granted by the Swiss Agency for Development, part of which (in Chad) is co-financed by the French Development Agency (AFD), account for 51% of the total annual budget.

Funding streams, excluding mandates

2021.05 financement FR 650

Allocation of funds by region, excluding mandates

Rapport Annuel 2020 | Chiffres-clés financiers | Budget par région

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Enfants du Monde is proud to have been an NGO certified by the Zewo quality label since 1971. This label designates organisations and institutions that are transparent and efficient in their management of the funds they receive.

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On behalf of the entire team at Enfants du Monde, we would like to thank you sincerely for your valuable support.

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