our development mission

Helping disadvantaged children and mothers


Each year our Swiss NGO, Enfants du Monde, helps and protects more than 432,500 children, mothers, and babies in some of the world's poorest countries. These are vulnerable populations living in conditions where their right to access education and healthcare is not guaranteed. The mission of our NGO is to help them.

We are convinced that the economic development of a country cannot happen without its population having access to a quality education and good healthcare. Because of this, our association supports local and regional projects that enable access to these services for disadvantaged children and women.

To achieve our goal of helping the most disadvantaged, our NGO’s mission is not only to provide financial support, but also technical support. Thanks to our specialists’ renowned expertise in education and health, our NGO is able to transmit the knowledge required to provide long-term benefits.

Our humanitarian mission is based on the transfer of knowledge and skills that enable people and states to be active participants in their own development. Because of this, we collaborate with governments, universities, and international and local organisations to guarantee the long-lasting development of a country.

We can rely on the support of our partners in the work we do. Our Swiss NGO collaborates notably with the Swiss Board of Development and Cooperation in order to strengthen its impact across the world. Enfants du Monde also benefits from other financial supports and cooperates with companies in order to promote its humanitarian mission to the general public.


The organisation

Helping disadvantaged mothers and children.



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facon travailler
Our work ethic

A competent commitment in the long term.



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mres et enfants
Mothers and children

Quality health and education for all.



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nos partenaires
Our partners

Financial, technical, and emotional support.



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