helping mothers and children

Providing quality education and health care


The primary mission of Enfants du Monde is to help children as well as mothers and pregnant women in developing countries. The conditions in which these women and children live often leave them vulnerable. They are therefore unable to enforce their rights, particularly their rights to education and health.

Our Swiss NGO supports local and regional projects which help provide these disadvantaged children , mothers, and women, and with a better future.


Quality education for children

Our education projects put a smile back on the faces of thousands of disadvantaged children. To help these children, we provide a quality education that is culturally appropriate and relevant to their needs. Children, especially girls, who had not previously been educated, have finally been given the opportunity to go to school. All these disadvantaged children acquire knowledge and skills which will enable them to continue their studies or take up an apprenticeship in order to learn a trade. We also meet with their families. We explain to them how important it is to send their children, especially the girls, to school so that they can build a future for themselves.


Better health care for mothers

The projects of our NGO also improve women’s health in poor countries. We help them to take control of their own health. Our health projects make pregnant women and disadvantaged mothers aware of their rights and many of them attend our health courses. Pregnant women learn, among other things, how to take better care of themselves and their babies during pregnancy and how to recognise the signs of complications. To help these mothers, we encourage them, for example, to attend health centres so that their babies can receive quality health care. The health and education programmes we provide help to empower thousands of women and children throughout the world.