enfants du monde's partners

Swiss cooperation for the benefit of the most disadvantaged


Enfants du Monde’s humanitarian and cooperative work to aid disadvantaged mothers and children would not be possible without the financial support of its Swiss partners and ambassadors. Among our partners, we count with the support of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), the Geneva Federation for Cooperation and Development (FGC), as well as other public institutions, cantons, municipalities, and foundations.

Our Swiss NGO also collaborates with Swiss companies to promote our work and our mission among the general public. Finally, our private donors provide financial support for the realisation of our projects across the world.


Our Work with the SDC

In addition to their financial support, the SDC entrusts mandates to our NGO aimed at improving the quality of education in certain African countries such as Chad and Niger. We thank the SDC for supporting us and believing in our work.


Enfants du Monde’s Goodwill Ambassadors

On top of the funding we receive from our partners, Enfants du Monde counts with the unwavering support of our goodwill ambassadors, who are committed to our mission of helping disadvantaged women and children.

Swiss personalities, journalists and artists have become our loyal partners, using their media access to give our NGO exposure and promote our projects.


qui sommes ns association p.chappatte



"The work Enfants du Monde carries out is praiseworthy. So if my name can be used to help a good cause, all the better. Besides, their projects move me somehow, since I have three children myself."

qui sommes ns association comite patronage dodo


 Singer and musician

"Children are people in their own right! For me it is essential that their rights are respected, that is, that they grow up in the right environment, receive the love they need, have enough to eat and have access to an education. This is why I support Enfants du Monde."

qui sommes nous association casanova


 Former Federal Chancellor

"I am glad I can do something for children who are living in difficult conditions. I am confident in the work of Enfants du Monde. They focus on health and education and offer the prospects of a better life. Whenever I am invited to a conference, instead of charging a fee, I always ask for donations to Enfants du Monde."