development work - the way we operate

Action over the long term


Enfants du Monde is committed to development work over the long term. We see part of our mission as providing solutions which contribute to the development of the countries where we work. For this reason, our development work is based on lasting commitment and the active involvement of the local population, as well as the States, so that they may participate actively in their own development.

Transferring knowledge

In addition to financial aid, our Swiss NGO also provides countries with technical assistance. The aim is to promote“self-help” through the transfer of knowledge and expertise. Our development work is therefore based on a direct collaboration between local partners, international organisations, universities and States. In order to make this development cooperation even more effective, we work with about ten networks directly connected with our areas of work, so that we foster synergistic action rather than competition between organisations.


Effective development work with States

Our Swiss NGO aims to produce tangible and lasting results through its development work and its cooperative approach . We therefore work closely with the States, particularly with the Ministries of Education and Ministries of Health in the countries where we operate. We involve them from the outset in the projects we run at local and regional levels, and subsequently discuss with them how these could be included in national programmes. Progress achieved on a small scale will benefit as many people as possible: that is our vision.