Enfants du Monde’s Goodwill Ambassadors

Personalities committed to underprivileged children


On top of the funding we receive from our partners, Enfants du Monde counts with the unwavering support of our goodwill ambassadors, who are committed to our mission of helping disadvantaged women and children. Swiss personalities, journalists and artists have become our loyal partners, using their media access to give our NGO exposure and promote our projects.

 Julia Bauer

Julia Bauer – Journalist and broadcaster

One of the reasons for my career success is that I had a childhood where education was supported in every way possible. Enabling children around the world to have a similar experience is a mission close to my heart and I am more than happy and grateful to be associated with Enfants du Monde in this regard.

 qui sommes nous association casanova

Corina Casanova – Former federal chancellor

I am glad I can do something for children who are living in difficult conditions. I am confident in the work of Enfants du Monde. They focus on health and education and offer the prospects of a better life. Whenever I am invited to a conference, instead of charging a fee, I always ask for donations to Enfants du Monde.

 qui sommes ns association p.chappatte

Patrick Chappatte – Cartoonist

The work Enfants du Monde carries out is praiseworthy. So if my name can be used to help a good cause, all the better. Besides, their projects move me somehow, since I have three children myself.

 Licia Chery © Jo Simoes

Licia Chery – Singer, writer and composer

Because I cannot promise my son a fairer world, because I cannot promise him a world where the colour of his skin will not be a barrier, I want to at least promise him a world in which his rights will be respected. From that point onwards, maybe he will be able to promise his children a fairer world.

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