Our activity in numbers

The impact of our humanitarian work in the field


Thanks to the precious support of its donors and partners, our Swiss NGO Enfants du Monde helps thousands of disadvantaged children and mothers each year through its health and education programmes in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

The statistics below are based on the activities conducted in 2021 including mandates.

For more information, download the 2021 Annual Report.

Improving maternal, neonatal and child health

Icone femme enceinte 100x100px

152,844 pregnant women & babies

benefited from quality health care

Icone personnel soignant 100x100px

1,839 health workers

received training in maternal, neonatal and child health

Providing quality primary education

Icone élèves 100x100px

661,098 disadvantaged children

benefited from quality education, 45% of which were girls

Icone corps enseignant 100x100px

16,479 education staff

received training in active and innovative teaching methods

Teaching children’s rights for sustainable development

Icone droits enfants 100x100px

293 students in French-speaking Switzerland

were taught about children’s rights

Icone Suisse 100x100px

2 Swiss cantons

participated in education projects for children’s rights: Geneva and Neuchatel

A presence in Switzerland and worldwide

Icone employes 100x100px

71 collaborators

in Switzerland and across the world

Icone bureaux 100x100px

4 regional offices

Burkina Faso, Guatemala, Bangladesh, Chad


Icone pays 100x100px

8 coutries of operation

Burkina Faso, Guatemala, Bangladesh, El Salvador, Haiti, Chad, Niger, Switzerland

Icone Suisse 100x100px

2 mandates

from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC): Chad, Niger

Budget and allocation of funds

Icone budget 100x100px

Close to 10,4 million CHF

of annual budget

Icone budget 100x100px

43% of the budget

from mandates

Sources of funding, excluding mandates2022 Camembert SourcesFinancement RA2021 FR

Distribution of funds by region, excluding mandates
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Allocation of donations received2022 Camembert AffectationDons RA2021 FR