More than 50 years helping disadvantaged mothers and children


Every year, our Swiss NGO Enfants du Monde helps more than 830,000 children, pregnant women, mothers and babies in some of the world’s poorest countries (data for 2020) such as for example Burkina Faso, Guatemala, Bangladesh, Niger, Chad, or Masagascar. These are vulnerable populations living in highly precarious circumstances, often in rural areas. The mission of our international NGO is to help and protect them in the long term.

Because we believe that the economic development of a country cannot happen without quality education and a population in good health, our humanitarian association supports local and regional projects that enable access to these services for disadvantaged children and mothers.

Improving maternal, newborn and child health

Enfants du Monde works at several levels to strengthen healthcare systems: organising free health education sessions for pregnant women and their families in the community, training care staff in maternal and newborn health, using mobile applications for example in prevention aimed at populations. Our Swiss international NGO thus enables tens of thousands of disadvantaged women and babies to receive appropriate healthcare.

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Giving out-of-school children access to quality education

Enfants du Monde is committed to ensuring that out-of-school, vulnerable or marginalised children receive free quality primary education through active learning and lessons rooted in the local context and culture.

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Promoting children’s rights

In Switzerland and internationally, our association organises activities promoting the rights of children and education in sustainable development, focussing on the participation of children and young people.

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Providing our expertise and financial support in a collaborative approach

To help the most disadvantaged, our Swiss NGO not only provides financial support, but also support from our specialists who strengthen the capacities of participants and institutions in the health and education sectors of the countries where we work in Africa, Asia and Latin America. For example, we provide training for officials in the Ministries of education and health, for teachers, school principals, supervisors, planners of training programmes, care providers and community healthcare staff. Thanks to a collaborative approach and the recognised expertise of our education and health specialists, our NGO is able to support local partners in strengthening their competencies and knowledge, helping to provide long-term benefits.

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