Enfants du Monde beneficiaries

Help children, pregnant women, and disadvantaged mothers


Enfants du Monde’s mission is to help children, pregnant women, and disadvantaged mothers in some of the poorest countries in the world. The conditions in which those children and women live often put them in vulnerable situations. They struggle to access to quality education and health care.

Our Swiss NGO supports local and regional projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America, which contribute to offer tens of thousands of children, mothers, and disadvantaged women a better future.

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Vulnerable children or out of school

Our projects in education assist in helping disadvantaged children, generally aged from 5 to 13 years old, by offering them an access to a quality primary education adapted to their culture and needs.

In schools supported by Enfants du Monde, teaching is given both in the country’s official language and in the children’s mother tongue to enable them to learn more easily. Schooling is free. Children gain knowledge and skills which allow them to continue their studies in public schools or to do an internship to learn a profession. We also go and meet the families. We explain the importance of getting children into school and in particular girls to be able to build a better future. Finally, we embed the children’s rights in our programme.

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Pregnant women, mothers and babies

The projects of our Swiss NGO combat the mortality of pregnant women and young mothers, often from preventable causes, in disadvantaged countries.

We alert them to their rights and teach them how to better take care of themselves and their babies during their pregnancy as well as recognising the signs of complications. We offer, for instance, some free health education classes to pregnant women and young mothers as well as to future fathers and other members of the family in order to improve their health and their baby’s.

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Education staff

As part of its educational programmes, Enfants du Monde intervenes at different levels in the educational chain. We train teachers and trainer of trainers to an active pedagogy considering the local cultural and linguistic context to improve the education quality and learning in schools supported by our association.

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Health workers

Enfants du Monde trains its health workers to maternal, neonatal, and child health to improve pregnant women’s and young mothers’ care and to enable them to access quality health care services. The health staff are thus trained along the World Health Organization’s approach as stated Working with individuals, families and communities in support of maternal and neonatal health.

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Pupils in Switzerland

Enfants du Monde also contributes to implement children’s rights in Western Switzerland and throughout the world with a view to sustainable development by alerting the pupils to this topic and by developing with them useful tools and knowledge to become key actors and spokespersons about their rights. Our association offers several educational programmes about children’s rights in Western Switzerland promoting pupils’ participation.

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