The Enfants du Monde Committee


Elected by the General Assembly, the Committee is the governing body of the association and is made up of people representing the political, cultural and linguistic diversity of Switzerland. The Committee manages the association in accordance with its purpose. Committee members are volunteers.

Laurent GUYE, Président du Comité d'Enfants du MondeLaurent GUYE - President

Former Swiss Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan

(Chêne-Bougeries, Geneva)

  Verena SZABO, Vice-présidente du Comité d'Enfants du MondeVerena SZABO - Vice-president

Journalist and producer at Radiotelevisione svizzera / Swiss Radio Television

(Pregassona, Ticino)

Véronique CANONICA, Trésorière du Comité d'Enfants du Monde

Véronique CANONICA - Treasurer

Former administrative director and head of human resources in the private sector; certified public accountant

(Choulex, Geneva)

Enfants du MondeRosemarie LAUSSELET

Trainer; former advisor in education and management of development projects for Swiss cooperation

(Lausanne, Vaud)

Jacques Mader, membre du Comité d'Enfants du Monde

 Jacques Mader

Health professional who has fulfilled a number of roles in Switzerland and abroad. Former co-director of the global health programme of the Development and Cooperation Department.



Doctor specialising in internal medicine, tropical medicine and public health; Founder of the Tropical and Humanitarian Medicine Department of Geneva University Hospitals


Anne Zwahlen-JominiAnne ZWAHLEN-JOMINI

Former Deputy Head of alternate division for West Africa in the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, notably in charge of education and training, and former Gender Programme Officer. She has also been active in the fields of evaluation and strategic steering.