A sustainable, cooperation-based approach


As part of our humanitarian mission, Enfants du Monde, a Swiss NGO, strives to find sustainable solutions, which will support the development of each country in the long-term. Actively involving the local population and local stakeholders, including governments, so that they play the leading role of their own transformation, is the foundation of our humanitarian work.

Transferring knowledge and sharing skills

In addition to providing financial support, our humanitarian work consists in sharing technical knowledge and skills necessary for communities, local stakeholders, and governments to better face certain challenges.

We therefore cooperate very closely with local authorities and institutions, notably health and education Ministries, universities, and local organisations, to guarantee sustainable aid needed to further the development of the countries where we operate.

From the very start, we involve governments in our projects, whether local or regional, as we aim to integrate our guiding principles, both in health and education matters, into national programmes. Our vision is that progress made on a small scale should benefit as many people as possible.

Cooperation at the heart of our work

Enfants du Monde is committed to fostering cooperation both at local and international level, between the different agents of development cooperation. It is our strong belief that the key to improved work and greater impact is to favour the synergies of our actions, rather than to promote competition between organisations.

For that reason, our association cooperates with several partners and a dozen networks directly related to our fields of action.

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